About George Dymond

1393533480_gbd photoAn experienced administrator, George Dymond partners with International School Services in establishing the Vision International School in Qatar. As founding head of school, he manages the development of the institution, which will support approximately 1,500 students ranging from pre-kindergarten to seniors in high school. George Dymond also served as special advisor for faculty recruitment with Avenues: The World School in New York. His responsibilities included hiring diverse international and national teachers. Before accepting his current position, he worked for another New York school, where he oversaw a master plan renovation to create dozens of state of the art carbon-neutral classrooms, and hired one of the most international and diverse faculty in the world of education spanning three decades.

When not working, Mr. Dymond pursues the sport of sailing, which allows him to deepen his love of the outdoors and the ocean especially. In his early sailing days, he windsurfed and then raced small crafts before moving on to open ocean boats. Currently, he sails cruising sailboats off the Gulf coast of Qatar; in the past, he sailed in waters around Hawaii, New England, and Japan. Besides sailing, Mr. Dymond stays active by snowboarding, hiking, long walks with his Scottie dogs and supporting the kind of ecologically friendly initiatives that help protect the natural world.


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